Portland’s Premier Rhinoplasty Surgeons: Masters of Nasal Artistry

Take a look at the Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Portland Oregon. These experts shape noses with artistry and precision. These experts’ skills are not just a result of textbooks. They come from years and years of practice.

Dr. Emily Richards, The Visionary

Many Portlanders know Dr. Emily Richards. She is not just a surgeon, but an artist who uses a scalpel. She is often described by patients as having an uncanny talent to see things that others cannot. What is her approach? She first listens, and then she acts. One patient told how Dr. Richards took nearly an hour to discuss their goals, before suggesting any plan.

One satisfied client said, “She made me feel as if I was her sole patient.”

Her office is more like a comfortable living room than an actual medical facility. This immediately puts patients at ease. No wonder people come from all over the state to have her work their noses.

Dr. Michael Thompson, The Perfectionist

If you want someone who will not leave a stone unturned, then Dr. Michael Thompson may be the right person for you. He is known for his obsessive, almost obsessional attention to detail. Every millimeter counts to him.

“Dr. Thompson, you checked my nose in every possible angle,” said a patient laughingly.

He is thorough in his consultations, but he never feels rushed. He makes sure to understand exactly what you want before moving forward.

Dr. Olivia Martin, The Innovator

Since she opened her Portland practice, Dr. Olivia Martin is always pushing the boundaries. She is always looking for new technologies and techniques that will improve the outcomes of her patients.

Another doctor in town said, “She’s a genius for predicting what the next big thing will be.”

She is loved by her patients because she blends cutting-edge techniques with old-school attention and care.

Dr. David Clark, The Empath

Dr. David Clark goes beyond the physical aspect of surgery by also addressing emotional issues.

One patient was grateful for the way he helped her overcome her fears and anxiety.

Dr. Clark is convinced that it’s important to understand a patient’s mental state in order to achieve the best possible results.

#### Cost Conversation

Let’s be honest: rhinoplasty can be expensive, but when done correctly it is worth every penny. These top surgeons provide financing or payment plans, because they know that quality is expensive but should be affordable for everyone.

A former patient said, “I might have eaten ramen for months afterwards, but every time that I look in the reflection, it’s all worth it.”

Selecting Your Surgeon

Finding the right surgeon may seem like searching for a needle in an haystack, but it’s not that difficult if you know what to look for.

2) **Credentials**: Make sure the person is board-certified.

2) **Experience**: Look at the number of surgeries that they have performed.

*Reviews**: Patient testimonials are a great way to gain real insight.

4) **Consultation**: This is an opportunity to assess your comfort level and communication skills.

Do your research and don’t rush to make a decision!

Summary (oops!) These top-notch rhinoplasty doctors in Portland are not only highly skilled, but also have a unique skill set.