Enjoying Comfort with Silentnight & sleepeezee Mattresses

Searching for the perfect mattress may seem like finding a pin in a haystack. The search for the perfect bed can be a long and tiring one. You may spend many nights turning over in your sleep, trying to discover that magic mattress that brings sweet dreams. Silentnight is one of two major mattress brands. Sleepeezee is another. Take a look at what makes Silentnight and Sleepeezee stand out. You can see SimplyFurnitureDirect.com on our website.

Silentnight was founded in 1946 and has since become an iconic brand. Miracoil, their spring system is known to provide not only support but comfort. Imagine that you lie on a comfortable bed. It feels like the bed is hugging back at you. Silentnight wants to offer you the same feeling.

Eco Comfort mattresses add to their impressive list of achievements. Their Eco Comfort Mattresses are made with recycled materials to appeal the eco warrior in us all. This is like sleeping with your conscience while on a soft cloud! Additionally, they are hypoallergenic – a great benefit for those with allergies.

Don’t just put your eggs in a single basket. Sleepeezee should also be on your radar. The company’s expertise in creating luxury beds dates back over 90 year.

Sleepeezee’s pocketed sprung mattresses have become their trademark. Imagine the springs working individually to support each inch of your body. The bed is like a personal masseuse.

Backcare Ultimate 2000 has been a popular model. Named for those in need of extra lumbar supports, this model was designed with that purpose. The lumbar support pillow could come in handy if your back hurts after a heavy truck has hit you.

The memory foam mattress is the new standard in comfort for many. There are options from both companies that offer memory foam, a material so soft and squishy it conforms to any body shape.

Silentnight’s Studio Memory bed combines memory and geltex, an infused foam layer that is as breathable as it gets. It keeps you cool all night long. It’s time to say goodbye to waking up in a sweaty mess!

Sleepeezee on the other side offers models that blend memory foam with natural materials such as cashmere and lambswool for a luxurious experience.

The durability of the mattress is also important. Who wants to be replacing their bed every couple years? Thanks to the high-quality material and workmanship, both brands are able to boast impressive longevity.

You get what is paid for with neither of these brands. The brands have different ranges to fit all pockets – from more affordable products up to the splurgeworthy ones.

Which of these giants is better? This really is a matter of personal choice:

– If eco-friendliness tops your list or if you suffer from allergies–Silentnight might be calling your name.
Sleepeezee can be an excellent investment if your preference is for luxurious comfort or you have back problems.

It is always better to test them yourself (and it can be fun!). Before making any major decisions, try out the options yourself. This is ultimately your dream land!

You should never undervalue the importance of good sleep.